Team building activities

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Look for motivational and inspiring team building activities for your next event?

It’s not just hotels & venues we book

At Hotel Desk we source, compare & negotiate all spectrum of event suppliers on your behalf including team building companies,  AV and technology suppliers,  transportation, etc etc as part of our free venue finding and event services.  It is all too easy to accept the first quotation or a recommended supplier, but we would always suggest impartial benchmarking of quotes from other suppliers to ensure you are receiving the most suitable and competitive rates.  Over the years we have organised and booked hundreds of thousands of team building activities at client events and can guide you through the options, negotriate on rates and contracts to help you make the most suitable choice for your events.


How to organise Team Building

Looking for a fun & different way to get your group motivated, inspired and improve communication?  There are a host of different supplier out there and we would always recommend a specialist supplier who knows the activities inside out and can also organise, motivate and facilitate large groups to obtain the maximum benefit from the activity.  As a rule of thumb, the larger the group the more an experienced specialist is required to deliver a successful team building activity as they will be flexible to adapt to any requests or challenges that arise. What’s more these companies have all the relevant public indemnity and insurance policies to provide cover in the rare event that anything should not go to plan.

Venues with onsite team building

There are suppliers who can come to your offices to run an activity but most would strongly recommend going off site where people are relaxed, away from the day to day restrictions of their roles and are generally more receptive to getting involved.  Therefore optimising the benefit and investment of the activity.

Most venues with grounds will offer team building facilities (usually through a preferred supplier).  If not part of a meeting or conference with a dedicated room then a ground rent fee to host the teambuilding is usually applicable.  A meeting room for refreshments, briefing/ conclusion and also indoor contingency is also recommended.  We would require a named venue  or location to allow team building companies to quote.

There are also a number of specialist entertainment venues (dance studios, cookery schools, high rope courses, bowling etc) that can offer private group bookings for team building activities, but these are often more suited and effective for smaller sized groups.   They don’t tend to offer the motivation and experience of  a facilitator from a specialist provider and may also have day to day leisure business that can take priority.

It is also possible to have team building activities in the public locations, such as city treasure hunts, walking tours, filming activities.  Again there are specialist suppliers in each cities for these with the relevant licences for the activities required.


  • What is the business objective – different activities lend themselves to different objectives such as motivation, communication, creative & inspiration.
  • Time – activities often require a minimum of 2 to 3 hours for the core activity, plus an amount of time for set up, briefing and conclusion.
  • Size of groups – certain activities are more suited to certain group sizes
  • Group demographics – Male/ female/ age range/ physical ability can have a consideration on activity suitability
  • Venue – see below, specialist venues for team building a few and far in between
  • Weather – some activities are out door based, some indoor activities and others with an indoor contingency plan.  Again specialist providers are fully au fait with the UK weather and are used to making contingency preparations.

Simply contact us  at  with your requirements and we can obtain a quick turnaround of options to suit your event.

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