Hotel Desk leads the way with social media in the travel industry

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Press release

ISSUED: 11/07/2011


Hotel Desk leads the way with social media success in the travel industry!

Hotel Desk is one of the first hotel booking agencies to successfully integrate social media into its venue finding operations for meetings, conferences and events.

Hotel Desk has recently completed a very successful trial of utilising social media, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as part of its venue finding operations of sending enquiries to venues, checking venues with availability, negotiating rates and confirming events.

Historically social media has evolved from personal networking but is fast becoming a very powerful business tool and Hotel Desk is one of the first hotel booking agencies to embrace this in the travel industry.

The trial has received positive feedback from both venues and clients and has successfully delivered some real business results, including:

Attracting new Hotel Desk clients who embrace social media

  • Faster enquiry turnaround times – Venue enquiries are sent speedily and direct to senior decision makers at individual venues and hotel groups, rather than the traditional conference offices, who can react quickly to new enquiries. Particularly beneficial for overseas enquiries that traditionally are more time consuming.
  • Stronger and faster negotiations on rates and terms as social media channels are publically available to senior venue personnel who are empowered to negotiate with larger discounts and incentives and respond accordingly to secure client business.

Visible enquiry tracking for both clients and venues removing the need for telephone and e-mail updates up and down the supply chain.

Matt Egan, Managing Director says,

Matt Egan, Hotel Desk

“We are very forward thinking at Hotel Desk and always look to adopt new initiatives to the benefit our clients.  Our trial using social media has been a tremendous success and has delivered real business benefits to clients, venues and ourselves.  Clients love it as it significantly reduces enquiry turnaround times and they benefit from greater negotiated discounts, they also gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Hotel Desk’s operational processes.  Those venues who are switched on with social media also know they have access to a competitive advantage and can respond quickly with strong proposals to secure client business.  It really is a win- win situation.

 Obviously it is not yet a substitute for the traditional operational processes as there are many venues out there that have not yet embraced social media, or simply pay lip service to it with token updates about the weather or menus, but that is changing and fast! We are encouraging new traffic and see a steady stream of new venue and client followers to our sites every day.”

Henriette Attard, from Just the Letter b, a hotel and marketing representation company, and an online follower of Hotel Desk, states

 “Many think social media is a fad, but these naysayers don’t realise the power and potential it holds for business, and our industry in particular. Hotel Desk have really embraced Twitter and are using it in creative ways that not only fits in with their business model, but importantly engages both their supplier and client community. I picked up a fantastic new international lead they ‘tweeted’ about and at the same time introduced them to new venues they may not otherwise have considered. It’s classic ‘win-win’.”

For further information visit the following social media sites and follow, like or link to, the relevant Hotel Desk accounts, for the latest news.


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Attached is a photo of Matt Egan, Hotel Desk’s Managing Director

Hotel Desk is one of the UK’s most established venue finding and hotel booking agencies and has over 21 years’ experience in this area. Hotel Desk works on behalf of many corporates, SMEs and associations across Europe, specifically sourcing venues and negotiating terms for client’s conference, meeting and event requirements.
For more info please contact:


Matt Egan,

Hotel Desk

Park House,

Park Rd



01625 548091

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