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If you are not familiar with the benefits of a Free Venue Finding Service, you may not know that we can save you valuable time in searching for venue hire as well as having access to discounted rates that you cannot obtain directly.

If you found the Hotel Desk web site whilst trawling the internet for suitable conference venues for an event you are planning, you have probably already realised what a time consuming exercise this is. Never mind the minefield of different rates and prices. Simply leave it to the experts. Hotel Desk has been booking conference rooms and organising events for a wide range of clients for 30 years and have first-hand working knowledge of the majority of UK and European conference venues. We do not charge for our service as we are paid a small commission by the venues booked, in a similar way to a broker.

In 2016 our average venue saving was 29%

Hotel Desk significantly reduces your meeting costs and organisation time.

From one night’s hotel stay to a large international sales conference, Hotel Desk can help you book the right conference venue at the right price.


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